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Hey all,

I don't want you to think that I forgaot about my promise to write more articles. I just started school last week and it's been kinda hectic trying ti fit everything into my schedule. Also, currently I am using my home brew of BB code for my articles in my back end. I plan on installing FCKEditor to give myself more control over the content in my pages. The Comments however will still use MBCode for users who leave comments.

I want you to know that I have started my next article about scrolling tables using css, but I really need FCK editor installed so that I can properly demonstrate what I am talking about in the article. But don't worry! I will be publishing more soon!

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Hello all. To those who care to know, and I know you all do!!! =) I have updated this site to use 100% quickContent objects. In addition, I have added categories for my writings, that I hope to expand on soon in the coming months. I have decided to take the initiative and write a new article at least once a week. Some of these writings will be technical articles and some just rants on daily life or just my ongoings as I travel through this wonderful thing we all call life. I hope you'll all join me on my journey and don't forget to leave some comments (I'll hopefully be getting the user system hashed out so you can reset forgotten passwords and edit your profiles).Read on for the newest enhancements

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Welcome all to the greatest place on earth! Ok, so it's not the circus, but still Meilibox.com has opened it's doors. This site will be devoted to my feable attempts at creating an object oriented programming methodology for ColdFusion. Beyond that, this site will also give me the chance to vent my frustrations on the outside world and maybe in the process help clear my mind for my work on Meilibox.
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