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The Worst Week Ever!
Well....I know I don't have it as bad as some...I have a house with a roof over my head, food, and a shirt on my back, but damn this week has been hard. Let me fill you in...

Lets start of with Wednesday. I woke up and took the cover off my bird cage to see my poor parakeet Budgie lying on the bottom of the cage dead. For those of you that don't know, when I bought two birds with an ex girlfriend about 6 years ago. She got Budgie and I got Puffy. Puffy passed away after about 2 years, and Budgie (who the ex refused to take when we broke up) has been an ongoing reminder of days past, but in a good way. Let's just say that The passing of Budgie has hit me kinda hard. I loved that little bird, even if he would try and bite me every time I tried to take him out of his cage.

So, on comes Wednesday afternoon. My mortgage guy calls me to tell me that there was a mix-up and I can't get a 30yr fixed loan. It seems as though the underwriters thought they were giving me a 5/1 ARM while the mortgage guy thought it was a 30yr fixed. Understand...this is 6 days from closing and basically I'm at a take it or loose the house situation. My aunt (the real estate attorney) is currently looking at the contract to see if the ARM is out to screw me, or if it's an OK deal. If she gives me the go ahead I think I'll take it and try and refinance later or sell the house within the 5 years.

Ok, so far it doesn't sound to bad, but today (Friday) I woke up and went to go work out and decided to check on the cats. I'm staying at my mom's house and she has two cats, Lyle and Mimi. Mimi seemed to be missing so I went on the hunt. I finally found her in the litter box motionless, but still alive. I pulled her out set her on the table and checked her over. I guess I should let you know that we've been fighting a huge battle with a flea infestation that it seems nothing is working. I did finally get some Frontline for the cats and bought some super flee killer from Pet Supermarket (this occurred on Thursday night). OK, so back to Mimi. I look her over and have to actually get tweezers to remove the kitty litter from her nostrils. Pretty disgusting, but it had to be done. I decide finally that she is not doing well and I rush her off to the Highlands Animal Hospital. After her exam I am told some dire news. It appears the fleas have taken their toll on poor Mimi and she is anemic and her temperature is 10 degrees below normal. This really pulls on my heart strings. Mimi is a pretty mean cat usually, only letting you touch her if its to pet her. Well, I am given 3 options:
  1. Euthanasia
  2. Clean her up and bring her home and nurse her back to health (>50% chance of working)
  3. Hospitalize her and give her blood transfusions to help her with her anemia (50/50 chance of working).
So, I choose number 3. It's the most expensive, but I can't bare the thought of letting her go cause of some fleas. I am expecting a call later today to see how she is doing. The Vet said we should know within the first 24 hours, but her body is already shutting down and she may not make it. I know the people at the vet's office must think horrible of me (since I said it was my cat), but what can you do.

So that is my week so far. Kinda crappy, huh? So if any of you hot females out there listening want to help a brother out, then lets go out and help me get my mind off this crap. I could use a nice night of just good wholesome company and some nice conversation to get my mind off of things.

That's it for now folks. I'll keep you updated on the progress of everything.
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