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Hello all,

I thought I would give you all an update on the house. As many of you may know, I own my own business (shameless advertising: www.frankthompsonconsulting.com) Well, this caused many problems while trying to get a mortgage. Fortunately a small local bank eventually helped me get my primary loan (www.riversidenb.com/).

My second,however, was harder....

See, I decided to save some money and do my own taxes for the business, I don't need a state tax id, and the county I live in no longer issues occupational licenses. I could have submittted my tax return to prove it, but then they would see that the business was in the negative last year (I ran it part time while working a job and startup expenses were up there a bit). Had I had my taxes done by an accountant, then all I would need is a letter f rom said accountant and the banks would have been happy.

All this has really gotten me down. Thank goodness my mom is smart. She said "why don't they let you have an accountant look over your taxes and then submit a letter"?

"Good idea," I though. So I emailed my mortgage guy and asked him. It worked. The bank said ok, I went to an accountant (thanx for the hookup Ranger), she wrote me a letter and Citibank is now giving me my second mortgage. If all goes well, the closing is still on October 31st.

So I guess this begs the question:

Who's coming to the housewarming party?
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Friday, October 20, 2006 by switchprog
I'll come in November, say around Thanksgiving or a little before. ;-) Sorry I can't be there sooner.
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