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Gallery Albums: 3D Rendering
The Paddy Wagon - (37 images)
This constitutes about 3 months of 16 hour days. The idea came from a model that I had started years and years ago at a friends house. Unfortunately he moved and took all my hard work with him. A few years later I found the model, but never started it again. So when I felt my 3d modeling skills were at least decent I used the pieces to make this model. I hope you enjoy.
Art - (13 images)
Here is a group of some art pieces I made. Some were made in Bryce3D and some in Lightwave Studio.
Weapon Gallery - (4 albums and 39 images)
My brother (StreetMonk [url]www.streetmonkstudios.com[/url]) had at one point and time entered a contest held by [url="www.wizards.com"]Wizards fo the Coast[/url] (the makers of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons) to make up his own compaign world. Well, in this world existed SteamPunk weapons. I took that idea and created what you find inside. Enjoy!
Miscellaneous - (15 images)
Here are some Miscllaneous renders I did. Some were just tests or lessons I did to teach myself.