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Gallery Albums:
The new house - (4 images)
Here are some pics of my new house. There is a lot to be done, but it has great bones to build upon.
PVR/Dev Server - (24 images)
This is a gallery of pictures of my adventure to build a Dev Server/PVR/File Server for my house. I tried my best to take as many pictures as I could. As of now I haven't 100% complete it. I had some bad parts that I am waiting to be replaced. Please Enjoy!
3D Rendering - (8 albums and 104 images)
Here is some of the 3D renderings I did in lightwave and Bryce while I was in my 3d kick. Pulling them back up makes me want to do it more. I wish I had the time. Anyways. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my hours and hours of labor.
Structured Wiring - (2 albums and 37 images)
These are some pictures of my structured wiring projects.
The Bathroom Remodel - (14 images)
This is the Year long project of the bathroom remodel at my mom's house. There are not that many pictures, but hey, I do what I can ;).
Miscellanii - (1 albums and 10 images)
Miscellaneous pictures that i've acquired...